How Many Rounds Are There in the JYP Audition?

In order to get the chance to dance for the JYP entertainment team, you need to pass two rounds of the audition. The first round is for club team members, and you must pass the second round to progress to the final round. There are no age limits for the JYP audition, so you can audition at any time you want. There are many different types of auditions, so you have to learn the requirements and prepare for each one.

The first round is a live show. Each team performs their song for the judges. Each member of the group is evaluated individually. There are three different types of evaluations, Identity, Same Song, and Crossover. The first round is a challenge where the members of the two groups perform different versions of the same song with different concepts. In the second round, the groups have to mash up the songs they have performed before. The first live round ended with P Nation winning with 130,626 votes, while JYP finished last with 85,245.

The second round was also a live show, but it was held in a different location this time. The first round was held at the Loud Center, and the second round was held at the Alpensia Resort in Gangwon. The contestants were divided into teams of two or three. Once they were assigned a category, the judges ranked them accordingly, and then chose the top 16 groups for the next round.

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