How to Create a Great Mix in Virtual Reality

One way to create a great mix is to take a popular track and drop it in your timeline. Be sure to find a song in the same genre as yours. Then, make sure to listen closely to every element, from the beat to the vocals. You can then decide which sounds to keep or discard. By doing this, you can make a great mix that will make people want to dance! Here are a few tips to get you started

While listening to a song, make a note of any effects. Try to picture the sound as if you were there and write down what instruments are in each part of the mix. Make note of whether they’re panned or not. Eventually, you’ll have a map of how music is mixed. You can then apply the knowledge that you gain to your own recordings. Hopefully, you’ll become a master in the field of music production!

Another tip for creating a great mix is to use panning. When creating a mix, vocals, drums, and bass should all be in the center of the mix, while melodies and background sounds should float to the left and right. You can also experiment with binaural panning, which is a field of its own, and is interesting for VR enthusiasts. Also, use saturation plugins to enhance the sound. These will give your mix an extra character .

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