The Most Popular Form of Entertainment 2021

The world of entertainment is changing rapidly, with many different media formats competing for consumers’ attention. Brands and agencies can stay on top of these changes with trusted data. The following article explores some of the trends in entertainment marketing for 2021. Katie is a trends manager at GWI and a Harry Potter fan. She binge-watches the latest TV shows and movies. Here are some of the top trends to keep in mind.

Movies – Films continue to be one of the top forms of entertainment in the 21st century, as people continue to find new ways to get engrossed in movies and television shows. Streaming services like Netflix offer thousands of movies and television shows that previously required a cable subscription. Other services, like Spotify, make it easy to listen to your favorite musicians and artists without having to own a CD.

Video Games – While these may seem like a child’s play, adults also enjoy playing video games. These games can create a competitive environment between family members or friends, and are great escapes from hectic daily schedules. As the technology behind these games improves, they are becoming more social, realistic, and interactive. Because of this, they have become so popular, people are playing them in public spaces, subways, shopping malls, theme parks, and even on airplanes!

Movies – Films are among the most popular forms of entertainment today, but video games and concerts are gaining in popularity. Movies, concerts, and video games are becoming increasingly popular, with more people turning to these forms of entertainment to enjoy their time with family. Entertainment continues to evolve faster than ever, and we can predict the trends for future entertainment. So, what will be the most popular forms of entertainment 2021?

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