Which Countries Are Supported by Alexa?

If you’re planning to buy an Amazon Echo, you might be wondering which countries are supported by Alexa. Well, now you can do just that. In fact, Amazon has expanded its Alexa Voice Service to 42 countries around the world, including many different languages. Originally, the service was only available in the United States, Canada, the UK, Japan, and Germany, but now you can use Alexa in the Cayman Islands and Cambodia, too. To make sure you’re able to use Alexa, you need an Amazon account.

In addition to having local news and weather in both countries, Alexa has informational databases for both. It also has questions about holidays, sports, and history, so you can ask her about what’s happening in those countries. You don’t even have to ask about the country, though. With Alexa, you can find answers to any question! It’s even fun to ask about a particular holiday, or learn about a country’s culture or history.

Although this expansion has broadened the support for Alexa to many different languages, it’s not the end of the story. Echo speakers will be available in 80 countries around the world soon, but there’s no word yet on the Echo Show. Until now, Echo devices were only available in the US, UK, Germany, and India. Luckily, you can now use Alexa in a country that you’re familiar with!

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